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Quotes Our Mandy will soon be 4 years old, how time flies. She has been the best dog for us. A Rowdy/Mati cross. She just wants to be with you all the time. We traveled with her for the day yesterday and when we got home late she couldn't get out of the van fast enough to go put the ducks in the barn. She just loves to dig out ground moles and get other critters. She is just so intelligent and well mannered. I must commend Tish as she really knows her dogs and Mandy has been the perfect match for us. Quotes
Marilyn Chick

Quotes My son and his family and my husband and the rest of our children have pups from Rowdy and Keely and they are incredible. Vet checked healthy and extremely intelligent. We are all very happy. Quotes
Willow and Clover

Quotes I've owned a lot of dogs, and a lot of herding breeds, I have always been a huge Border Collie person. When looking for a good working farm dog I came across English Shepherds, then was fortunate to come in contact with Tish. Tish chose Sydney as the right puppy for us, and I can say that this is the best socialized and confident puppy I've ever come across! She is extremely intelligent and at almost 5 months old has already adopted our farm, and all residents, as her own. As much as I've loved my Border Collies, I'm now an English Shepherd advocate! I'm also and advocate of Black Sheep Homestead, wonderful job of breeding an awesome dog! Quotes
Dale Mather
Customer At Tall Pines Farm in NY

Quotes Our Gibbs is a wonderful dog! He is the smartest dog..You talk to him and he watches you trying to figure out what it is you want. He is just wonderful..he is excellent with children and tries to "herd" them if they get too far away from their parents..: ) He also tries to herd our horses when they get separated from one another...We really don't work with the "herding"..he does that on his own! Quotes

Quotes I first contacted Tish in the spring of 09 after the loss of my longtime best friend. I wanted a puppy, but it needed to be something special to fit into our family. Tish listened, and through her experience was able to pick out a perfect pup for us. The right 'fit' for us was a special little girl named Mindy. We wanted smart, spunky, and even a bit bossy to help run the house and we got it all and then some. Mindy has made our house her own little kingdom, watches over our cats to the point it can about drive them crazy, fits in great with our other two dogs. Is very cautious of strangers but is never mean or offering to bite, she just takes her time before giving her stamp of approval. She doesn't bark needlessly, figures out strange situations quickly and adapts to about anything new I ask her to do. She was easy to teach and learns at an amazing rate. I hope to get another of Tish's dogs in the future. They are a special crew! Quotes
Mindy's happy family

Quotes I obtained a pup from Tish almost 2 1/2 yrs ago (where does time go?) His name is GIBBS and he is the smartest dog! He listens great and stays with my husband Pat when they are out and about. He started out as MY dog..but has since become my husbands shadow! My Vet came into the room on his first visit to his office and took one look at GIBBS and said "WHERE DID YOU GET HIM!" He always makes over GIBBS when I have him in for his shots/visits and always says.."THAT IS ONE GOOD LOOKING DOG!" My Vet has Australian Shepherds but I think he would consider an English Shepherd after seeing GIBBS! I wasn't going to get another dog after I had to have my last dog put down but since my daughter was coming up to pick up her pup, we decided to look at them as well...and haven't regretted our decision at all..He is a GREAT dog! Jean Quotes
Satisfied Customer..