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Grassfed, natural lamb


I'd always been interested in organic farming and sustainable agrculture, but when our first child began eating solid foods, I couldn't help but look at the spoon and wonder where each ingredient had come from and how it had been raised...


Our homestead lambs are humanely raised in small batches on mother's milk, a natural, forage-based diet and ranged outdoors in fresh air and sunshine, grazing green pasture.

 Lambs raised this way may not grow as rapidly as the hormone-added, antibiotic-laced, factory farmed/feedlot animals you're likely to find at your local supermarket, but are healthier and develop richer flavor and the omega 3s and other nutritional advantages that make them superior to their cut-rate counterparts, and well worth the wait!


$6.00/pound  for whole lamb, smaller quantities and/or individual cuts will be available in the Fall. Please contact us for more information, prices and availability.





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